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Chris ChongHello, my name is Chris Chong, welcome to my website.

If you are searching for a link building consultant to help you increase your search engine rankings, you’ve come to the right place.

For the past 7 years I have provided search engine optimization and e-commerce consulting services to a variety of businesses ranging from $250,000 to $42 Million in sales.

A major piece of the search engine optimization puzzle is inbound link building.

It’s been proven that inbound links can account for up to 60% of all SEO results, yet many online marketers choose to focus on other aspects of SEO. Link building is a relatively simple process, but it can be extremely time consuming.

Getting to the top of the list in Google for a critical keyword can do wonders for your sales.

I own and operate over a dozen websites and work on them in between freelance projects.
I’ll tell you first hand that when you get that top spot on the right keyword, it will bring in thousands of dollars in sales month after month.

Over the years I’ve seen businesses built overnight just from getting a top spot on the right search phrase. I’ve also seen companies waste thousands of dollars and months of effort on SEO tactics that simply don’t work.

Link Building Consulting Services

I created BacklinkRanking.com to be a simple service that gets results.  We offer a low cost link building package that will increase the ranking of your website in search engines.

This service is designed to familiarize you with Search Engine Optimization, to give you a taste of success and to build a working relationship with me and my company.

How can I offer this service at such an affordable price?
I believe that once you experience success with my link building services you will want to hire me directly or work with my full service internet marketing company eHotLeads.

Questions or Comments? Email links@backlinkranking.com

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