Customer Results

Wow, I’m starting to see results. I’ve had record traffic over the past three days! I also looked at the ranking report, and that is really cool. I found it to be accurate, and shows the rankings steadily climbing. – Pamela Cook, San Diego Insurance for Seniors

auradevAfter trying to get our website to show up for the keyword “Email Blast” for about a year, was able to get us on the first page after about two months. We now get around 200 visitors per month from that phrase alone at no cost. The PPC cost to bid on that phrase is around $8 per click,
the value provided by SEO Smart Links is tremendous… a 10x ROI.

silver coin shopsWe’ve had building links to our website for two months now and are already starting to see results for our online coin store. Just like they said, after about 3 weeks into the link building campaign we started to see improvements to our website ranking and more visitors.

accurate helped us achieve a first page rank for our top keyword “furniture installation services” and many others. The result has been dozens of really high quality sales inquires.  It is very exciting to see results from our link building campaigns. has done wonders for our “Hawaii travel blogs”. We have been working with them for about a year and have seen the visitors to our site steadily increase month after month. – Things to do in Kona & Things to do in Hilo

clearcapThanks for getting our website to show up under the search phrase “forklift covers“. This puts us in-front of exactly who we want to advertise to – people shopping for forklift covers. Great job!

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