How to Build Good Backlinks

Building good back links is one of the keys to ranking high in search engines.
Unfortunately building back links is a potentially endless and very time consuming task.

There are a million and one other blogs about the specifics of building back links.
In this post I’ll review the 5 best link building methods.

The techniques discussed here are ordered with the most effective first.

The 5 best way to build good back links

1) Write an interesting report or guide

free reportWriting a how to, white paper, report or ebook accomplishes two goals.
Your report establishes you as an expert and provides a reason for someone to link to you (to download your report).

Make sure to place the link to download your content behind some kind of sign up for so you can build a list as well.

Next, announce the publishing of your report to several news feeds. You have to make this very press worthy, so that news sites will pick it up and link to your report page.

It’s critical that they link to a page to download the content and not directly to the content (or if your report could be published in web page form). You don’t want links to a pdf on your site.

If you do it right, the result should be several hundred links from news sites. These sites will be very diverse and will provide a good mix of links.

2) Publish Articles & Blog Posts

write articlesIf you don’t yet have the expertise to write a report, the next best thing is to publish articles to article sites.

The upside of this link building strategy is that it is fairly easy to write short how to articles on any subject related to the website you are promoting.

Product and Service reviews also work very well on article sites or other blogs.

The downside of this link building strategy is that it will probably take 30 minutes per article to write and submit it. That means one back link for 30 minutes of your time.

If you are new to internet marketing, then learn all you can about Article Marketing as a way of SEO and Link Building. It’s a great way to get started and it’s easy (but time consuming).

3) Blog Commenting

blog commentsCommenting on blogs is another popular method for back link building, but it needs to be done in a specific way to work.

The trick to this strategy is to identify 20-30 blogs which allow “dofollow” comments and check each one once a day for new posts.

By limiting the scope of your blog posting you will start to become familiar with the writer.

Don’t just go out to any blog and start posting crap like, nice post, or great idea!

Your comments need to be good. You must participate in the conversation.

As you participate in the discussion you will slowly and steadily build links to your site and establish credibility.

After 2 months you should be able to contact the blogger directly and see if you can publish a guest post. Most bloggers will be glad to publish a good guest post from one of their followers.

The trick most people miss with this strategy is that you need to periodically review your inbound links inside Googles index to see which blog comment links are actually being indexed.

If after 90 days you don’t have any links showing from one of the blogs you are targeting, make sure to remove it from your list and make a note so you don’t waste time on in in the future.

4) Directories and Social Bookmarking

web directoryLinks from Web Directories and Social Bookmarking sites don’t have a lot of value by themselves, but when you get thousands of back links from them, it does make a difference.

This link building strategy is best automated, and our link building service is a combination of this plus Article Marketing and Blogging.

There are some very high quality directories like Yahoo and DMOZ that you should go after yourself. Also AboutUs, HotFrog and any other popular business directory.

Google Local Business too if you are a brick and mortar company.

We generally advise NOT paying for directory listings, but as with all marketing, you should test and measure it to see if it works for you.

5) Syndicate Your Products or Services

syndicate contentBy syndicate content I mean get your products or services into other market places.

This strategy only applies to those of you selling something that you actually produce (sorry affiliates, this probably won’t work for you).

Get your product into eBay,, Google Base and every other marketplace you can. You should always have your product or something very similar but related for sale in these marketplaces to get more exposure.

You should do this because most product pages get good “dofollow” links to the manufacturers site (which would be your site).

The only reason we rank this last is because it won’t work for everyone and you have to actively manage your product in some of these marketplaces.

Other Good Back Link Building Strategies?

Share your ideas via comment below!

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