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Question – I have heard many times that you can get blacklisted by Google if you purchase backlinks. How is your service different from this? I cannot afford to get black listed by Google and would like to fully make sure this won’t happen before I purchase.

Getting blacklisted is a huge concern when building links and here is how we address that.

First, our links are submitted slowly and evenly so that your link building looks very natural. Google does monitor how many new links your site gets each day.

If your site normally gets a dozen links per day, it would be very odd for your site to get 1000 links in a day. We want to avoid red flags.

When link building we spread out the number of links evenly over the entire month.
With our medium package of 500 links per month, you get 17 links per day – a very reasonable number for a site of any size.

Also because we publish content to thousands of different blogs your new links won’t all show up at the same time or same day. The result is a very natural link building profile.

Second, we place your links inside contextually relevant blog posts that look like how to articles, product reviews and general blogs. We write the text in a way that makes it unique enough to pass through duplicate content filters.

While it is completely natural to see search engine rankings fluctuate, we have never had a client blacklisted and 95% of the time our clients search engine rankings increase over the time they are working with us.

Every once in a while we see a decrease in search engine ranks, but generally that is only in extremely competitive niches where a couple competitors are out SEO-ing us – usually with the costly help of a full time consultant.

We recommend that all clients start with our basic 200 Links Package. This package is extremely conservative (around 7 new links per day). After your site becomes established, you can upgrade to a larger package at any time.

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